Atlantic Philanthropies

Atlantic Philanthropies

For more than 30 years, Atlantic has made grants to advance opportunity and lasting change for those who are unfairly disadvantaged or vulnerable to life’s circumstances. Ageing is one of the areas in which Atlantic has provided grants in three countries – Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and the United States. In Ireland, Atlantic has worked to improve the quality of care for older people and to support the development of age friendly standards to ensure that older people’s needs and rights are articulated within a “positive ageing” framework and supported by government nationally. Atlantic funds efforts to enable “age friendly” communities to flourish by bringing together local authorities, service providers, businesses and older people to improve quality of life at the county level.  

Atlantic has committed to providing just over half of the funding needed to develop the Healthy and Positive Ageing Initiative which will provide a mechanism and discrete programme for assessing and communicating the progress being made towards Healthy and Positive ageing.

Atlantic’s support will strengthen the collaboration between units in the Department of Health responsible for health and wellbeing and for services for Older People, and with other Departments and stakeholders, to ensure coherence between implementation of the NPAS and Healthy Ireland roll out.

One of the key outcomes will be to see the goals and outcomes of the NPAS and Healthy Ireland translated to demonstrate the impact of the local environment on the health and wellbeing of Older People, and to stimulate local action by stakeholders in Age Friendly Counties.

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